Anna vs Hayden best curves championship match

hayden_panettiere-the_architect01376vs. creation_682creation_848

Ding ding. Anna comes out with her three championship. But this match is for only for the best curves championship. Out comes Hayden and bang gets attacked from behind by a woman in a full body suite. She picks up Hayden and throws her into the barricade. Then picks a spotlight and bang cracks it over Hayden s beautiful face knocking her out cold and bloodied. The masked pointed to the screen. I’m taking Hayden s spot in this match. I will become the best curves champion. She’s walks up the steps and looking at her she indeed has great curves in that full body suite. She gets in the ring ding ding Anna charges the masked woman and a spear by the masked woman cutting the champion in half. The masked woman goes for a springboard moonsault and hits it perfectly. So perfectly it knocked Anna s chest out of her top. The masked woman mounts Anna. Right and left hands to Anna s exposed chest. The mask woman grabs ANNA s head and shoves Anna a face into her own chest. Anna struggling to get air. Her own chest is suffocating her. Anna passes out. The masked woman picks up Anna limp body kicks Anna in her crotch. This stiffening her up. The masked woman pulls down Anna s pants down around her ankles. The masked woman folds her over and hits a package pile driver on Anna. The masked wrestler drags Anna to the corner and the masked wrestler climbs up the opposite corner oh my goodness Van Terminator by the masked woman and right in the crotch. Anna gets destroyed. The masked woman drags her to the center of the ring covers ANNA 1..2..3.. The masked woman wins holds up the best curves championship over Anna. Then walks out by the knocked out Hayden p on the ramp and spit on her wow. The masked woman points to the screen I will reveal myself next time. And leaves. 


10 thoughts on “Anna vs Hayden best curves championship match

  1. Interesting to see who the mystery woman is and what was her motivation. Was it Anna’s title or maybe Hayden was her target and Anna’s title was a bonus.

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      1. Sounds good ! Gives me something to look forward to all week. Can’t say same for Carrie though. Sounds like it’s going to be an unhappy birthday for her !

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