Selena VS ROBBIE KNOCK out championship match

Ding ding. Selena and Robbie walk toward each over. Selena towers over Robbie as they get close. Selena says you are to small to be champion. Your a joke bang Robbie with a kick right to selena s crotch. Then a punch to her private. Selena drops to her knees and ROBBIE petting selena on the head. Saying now who’s small as Robbie picks up selena and another shot to selena s womanhood. Selena Goes face down into the mat. Robbie goes to the top rope and what is this selena runs up the ropes top rope x factor connects. Robbie is barely moving. Selena is laughing as she pulls out a huge pad covering her crotch. Selena picks up Robbie chick kick connects. Robbie is out. But selena not done picks up Robbie stratusfaction destroyed Robbie s face. Selena hooks Robbie s leg 1..2..3.. Selena dethroned Robbie. Winning the knock out championship. Selena not done yet goes outside the ring grabs a chair sets it up and picks up an unconscious Robbie and SCREAMS this is for my girl Trish. Holy cow stratusfaction on the steel chair it breaks under Robbie s rack as Robbie s chest has been destroyed. It’s good they are natural. That could have been bad. Selena holds up the knock out championship over the carcass of Robbie. 


86 thoughts on “Selena VS ROBBIE KNOCK out championship match

      1. I would say it was an upset. I also see Trish being upset with Selena for stealing her moves. Maybe Selena does a guest ring introduction when Trish returns and Trish confronts her about it.

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      1. Interesting to see how the paddle comes into play ?

        1. It’s a paddle on a pole match

        2. Torrie packs the paddle with her

        3. Torrie’s pal brings the paddle ring side after Torrie beats Carrie

        4. Torrie gets the paddle from under the ring after the match

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      1. Lots of people kicked Trish’s butt good when given the opportunity. My top 5 are :
        5. Gail Kim-Always was quicker than Trish
        4. Molly Holly- The Molly-Go-Round was the move Trish could never counter

        3. Victoria- Dominated Trish more than anyone else

        2. Jazz- When she won the matches Trish barley had any offense.

        1. Torrie- Paddled Trish and Trish went on I.R. when Trish returned she never tried to get back at Torrie. She eventually did during the Vince’s Devils event but that was more about getting Ashely over and introducing Mickie.

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      2. I always thought WWE missed it with the Trish-LayCool/Vickie feud. They gave everyone else nicknames why not call Trish “Trash” Stratus and on the night Vickie beat Trish instead of having them just roll her out of the ring they could have put her in a dumpster and told the fans they just took out the trash !

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      3. I didn’t put Stephanie on the list because that feud didn’t last long match wise and Melina like the Vickie feud was wasted by poor story telling. The first feud seemed forced with the match at Survivor Series and the feud after Melina and Nitro went to RAW seemed more about Carlito and Nitro instead of Melina and Trish.

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      1. Ok i will any title match you want to see? Can I request 4 matches for tomorrow Trish vs Nikki best 2 of 3 for the hottest woman in wrestling history. First match for the prettiest face. Second match best rack and third match if necessary best booty. And one more match being Victoria vs Olivia Holt


      1. That would be interesting. Maybe after Taylor destroys Carrie’s legs Carrie can’t walk and since they have already spanked her like a child Torrie and Taylor put Carrie in a stroller and push her out of the arena like a baby.

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