Lacey vs Jamie

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Ding ding. Lacey in her debut match vs the intercontinental champion Jamie. We have a lock up. Lacey goes behind Jamie pushes her against the ropes and rolls her up with a bridge 1..2.. Jamie powers out Lacey bounces off the ropes again rear view by Jamie no Lacey catches Jamie on her shoulders electric chair connects drops Jamie on her head. Jamie is super wobbly right now pulling herself up using the ropes. She turns AROUND super kick by Lacey no Jamie catches up foot and yank s her foot drop. Forcing Lacey to do the split s. She screams in pain as Jamie bounces off the ropes butt attack bam right in Lacey s pretty face. Lacey is out cold thinks to the Jamie s butt. Jamie motions for the people’s booty and she comes off the ropes and bang. She crushes Lacey s face. Jamie pins Lacey with her booty 1..2..3.. Jamie is unbelievable. She is right when she says if her booty hits you . Your done. Jamie holds up the intercontinental championship celebrating and Nikki comes out gets in Jamie’s face and grabs Jamie by the hand and raise s it high. Then Nikki picks up Lacey hits the bella buster on her. Then picks up Lacey and bang rack attack. Nikki picks the bones of Lacey left by Jamie. Lacey Will never for get this debut.


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