Carrie vs Jamie intercontinental championship match

jamie23jamie-lynn-spears-no-gif vs carrie-underwood-1-1-1carrie-underwood-today-showb

Ding ding. Jamie Lou thesz press to Carrie raining down rights and lefts to Carrie s gorgeous face. Carrie pushes Jamie off. Gets to her feet eats a big boot from Jamie. Carrie on the mat kicking while holding her nose. Jamie comes off the ropes leg DROP on Carrie s face. Carrie lets out a yell. Jamie picks up Carrie hits an x factor. Carrie beautiful face being destroyed by the intercontinental champion. Jamie picks up Carrie walks her to the corner and bang bang bang. She continuously bounces Carrie s face off the TURNBUCKLE. Then picks her up and hang Carrie up in the tree of woe. Back so up runs across the ring and a baseball slide drop kick to Carrie s face. Carrie falls to the mat. Carrie s nose has been busted open. Jamie picks up Carrie looks her in the eyes. Carrie is a beaten woman. As tears rolling down her face. Jamie says it’s time to put the dog down. She whips Carrie into the ropes bounces back and code BREAKER to Carrie knocking her out cold. Jamie motions for the people s booty and there it is lands perfectly on Carrie s destroyed FACE. The count 1..2..3.. Jamie keeps her intercontinental championship no doubt who the better woman was TONIGHT. 


25 thoughts on “Carrie vs Jamie intercontinental championship match

  1. Maybe Robbie bust Carrie’s booty with the birthday spanking like Jamie just busted her face. I would probably go with Torrie though and have her use a paddle since she’s the queen of the paddle on a pole match.

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  2. Not sure after the best in Jamie gave her Carrie would agree to face Robbie with the tear she’s been on. Robbie of course might take it on herself to just come down and bust Carrie’s booty after Torrie gives it the birthday spanking !

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      1. Could see an upset there ! Lacey making her debut with the way Jamie’s been dominating could lead Jamie to leave an opening by being arrogant.

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