Anna vs Hayden

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Ding ding. Anna gets DROP KICKED into the corner in a blink. Hayden is so fast. Runs at Anna stinger splash not once not twice but three times. Anna goes down. Hayden turns around and raise the roof stink face to Anna. Wait what is this ANNA is licks and biting Hayden s butt. That breaks the stink face. Anna pulls herself up and say you taste oh so good to Hayden. Hayden gets pissed grabs ANNA and hits a double under hook SUPLEX. Anna gets up then eats rear view by Hayden. Anna is down. Hayden says you want to taste my butt you sick freak ok. Hyatt drops her pants and her thong sits on Anna face. Her womanhood going up and down on Anna s face. Anna MOANING no no. As Hayden rips Anna shirt off and grabs ANNA s rack and twist them. Hayden still thrusting on Anna s face. Hayden pulls Anna s pants down shoves her fist up Anna s womanhood. Wow Anna body is of control as she can’t help but make love to Hayden who is still working on Anna s face. Anna finally let’s out the goods and Hayden RETURN s the favor all of ANNA s face. Hayden s love juice all over Anna s face and hair. Anna taps off and passes out. Hayden outlasted Anna in more then one way to beat the trio champion with no problem. Empathic win for t h e gorgeous Hayden p. 



20 thoughts on “Anna vs Hayden

  1. Tough call Hayden was impressive but it was just her debut. Jamie has been dominating for a while and might be too big of a leap in competition for Hayden.

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