Selena vs Anna if selena wins she will get a best curves championship match

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Ding ding. Anna big left hand blocked by selena. She grabs ANNA s leg as well a sick t bone SUPLEX connects to the trio champion. Selena screaming you are a disgrace as champion. As selena picks s up Anna on her shoulders but Anna slides down the back of selena. Anna now look at this a stratusfaction unbelievable connects to Anna. Selena looks down at Anna and back up to the camera and says that was for my idol Trish Stratus. She picks up Anna hits a chick kick to Anna s face. Selena says your no match for my new move set thanks to Trish Stratus. Selena picks up Anna and hits a chick KICK to the private area of Anna not once butt twice. Anna is out cold. As selena locks in the SHARPSHOOTER and the ref calls for the bell as ANNA can’t defend herself. Selena let’s go and continues to sit on Anna s butt. And selena s booty completely covers ANNA booty. Selena lifts ANNA s unconscious face up off the mat and says thAt best curves championship is mine next time no more bull s## . I will put you down for the third straight time. 100 % Selena stratusfaction guaranteed.  


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