Selena vs ANNA best curves championship match

Ding ding. Selena charges Anna shoulder tackle her into the corner. Now shoulder thrust selena screaming that championship is my b****. Selena picks up Anna puts her on the top rope. Anna grabs selena by the hit tornado ddt connects. Dropping selena. Anna pulls selena up to her feet. Selena can barely stand Anna kisses selena on the lips. Selena quickly gets free with a well placed knee right to Anna s crotch. Double s Anna over. Selena hops on Anna s back sunset FLIP POWER BOMB connects right into a pin 1..2.. Anna kicks out. Selena not happy as she pulls Anna up by the blonde locks. Selena grabs ANNA by the head stratusfaction no as ANNA hangs up selena on the top rope. Crotch first. Anna then begins bouncing her womanhood up and down on the cable. As it goes in and out. Selena pants just got dark. Selena has just went on herself. Anna then PULL selena over and hits a hangs man ddt from the top rope. Selena is not moving. Face down leg spread apart. Anna takes her pants and underwear off. Selena looks really good. Then Anna ripped selena top and bra off. Selena is absolutely exposed. Selena gets to her feet. Anna kicks her in the private and right into a package pile driver. Anna pushes selena s butt hol* in goes selena nose in and out as the ref counts 1..2..3.. Anna WINS and retain s her best curves championship and releases the pin. Selena beautiful nose is now Brown. Anna destroyed selena and poses over her body. 



36 thoughts on “Selena vs ANNA best curves championship match

  1. Could see if Trish offended by Selena stealing her moves Trish interferes and cost Selena the match. This could set up the show down between the two.


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