Jamie vs Demi


Ding ding. Demi and Jamie oh wow both got for rear views at the same time. There butts hit each other. And it’s a stalemate. Both women land on their feet. Jamie hits a neck BREAKER taking down demi. Jamie picks up Demi and goes for a butterfly SUPLEX into a back BREAKER. Unbelievable power by the intercontinental champion. Jamie drags Demi to the corner. Jamie now goes for a split legged moonsault. But DEMI jumps up and crotches Jamie on the top rope. Demi grabs Jamie by the head scorpion death drop from the top rope. Jamie is not moving. Demi drags Jamie to the middle of the ring and says it’s time you taste the real people’s booty. Huge pop from the crowd. She bounces off the ropes. People booty no Jamie moves just in time. Jamie with a low Drop kick to the face of DEMI. Jamie now goes to the apron on my goodness springboard 450 splash to Demi s chest. Jamie goes for the cover 1..2.. Jamie pulls Demi s shoulder s off the mat and say no. Not over until you taste the people’s booty. Bounces off the ropes and splat Jamie crushes DEMI s face with her gorgeous butt. 1..2..3.. Jamie celebrates over her fallen victim Demi. Jamie grabs a microphone and says no one can handle my booty. The people s booty is the most dangerous and sexist move today. The crowd chanting yes yes yes. Jamie says I want to prove I am the best in the ring and the best CHAMPION to do that I’m offering an open challenge for my intercontinental championship to anyone for next time. If your got the booty to accept. I got the booty to squash you. 


36 thoughts on “Jamie vs Demi

  1. Think it would be nice if Carrie challenged Jamie. Since giving birth Carrie has been bragging about her booty being tighter. Could give her the confidence to challenge Jamie.

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