Anna vs Victoria

creation_364Vs 165208-victoria-justice-dance-rehersal-victoria-justice-photo-22990163

Ding ding. Victoria and Anna circling each other. Victoria with beautiful standing drop KICK to the face of Anna. Sends her backing into the corner. Victoria running DROP kick smashes Anna into the corner. Victoria goes to work chopping at Anna chest until it turns bright red. Anna yelling in pain after each chop. Victoria picks up Anna puts her on the top rope Victoria climbs up with ANNA and oh my goodness a major butt buster on Anna from the top rope both knees go deep into Anna s butt. Anna holding her back side yelling no not my money maker. As Victoria comes off the ropes hits a curb stomp on Anna s butt. Her butt giggles for 5 seconds WOW. So sexy. As Anna is barely conscious. Victoria puts Anna over her knee pulls down Anna s pants and spanks Anna s butt until her butt is blood red. Victoria then flips Anna over and kicks Anna in the private and shoves her foot even far. And far. Anna taps out as Victoria s foot almost disappeared in Anna s womanhood. Wow. Victoria wins but she’s not done she goes under the ring and has a pair of scissors and cuts a piece of Anna s blonde hair and says my first trophy everyone who falls victim to my pu$$* smasher will also lose a lock of their hair to me the destroy of lovers lane. Victoria evil laugh but the crowd loves her still. Wow. 


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