Robbie vs velvet

creation_215creation_478vs velvet-vrvelvet-sky-gifs-004

Ding ding. Velvet walks up to Robbie and pokes her on the chest and tells her you don’t deserve to hold that KNOCK out championship. You are just a big breasted ugly faced no talent little b****. Robbie will a huge FOREARM smash no VELVET blocked it. Velvet waves her finger at Robbie saying no no no. Bang a left FOREARM smash by Robbie not quite the impact of her right forearm but it took VELVET down to a knee. Robbie then picks up VELVET goes for a RUNNING power SLAM and hits it. Robbie now bounces off the ropes rolling thunder connects right on top of velvet huge chest. Robbie slaps velvet across the face and says this no talent b**** is dismantling you. So you are a b**** of a b****. ROBBIE picks up VELVET whips her into the corner. Bam huge boob smash by Robbie. Her chest over powered VELVET s. Velvet falls to the mat. Robbie turns around and gives VELVET a taste of her own medicine let’s the pigeons loose stink face to VELVET s face and oh my goodness VELVET taps out. Velvet taps out to her own move performed to perfection by the knock out champion Robbie who throws VELVET out of her ring and holds up her championship. 


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