Robbie vs Trish knock out championship match

trishstratus6trishlaugh3vs creation_230creation_186

Ding ding. Robbie and Trish lock up. Robbie quickly picks up Trish what power shown by Robbie gorilla press slam. Trish dropped eight feet right on her face. Robbie bounces off the ropes huge splash to the back of Trish Stratus. Trish Stratus screaming in pain. Oh no the REF throws up the x sign. Trish Stratus s implanted has popped. The medical team rush Trish out of the ring and to the doctors for some medical help. Robbie wins by knocking out Trish s chest. Pop. Robbie looking like an absolute beast of a knock out champion. She celebrates as the fan chant as$$ kicker and book smasher at Robbie. She smiles and leaves. Trish will be fine after getting to the medical team. She will be out for a few weeks thou. 



15 thoughts on “Robbie vs Trish knock out championship match

  1. Interesting to see how this one turns out.
    1. Robbie makes Trish tap to the stink face like Velvet
    2. Robbie humiliates Trish by beating her with one of Trish’s own moves
    3. Robbie so bent on humiliating Trish gets herself beaten

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      1. I think it would be a waste to stop Robbie’s momentum after one match. I would have her make Trish tap to the stink face. She could use this to declare herself the queen of the stink face and that could lead to matches with Torrie and Kelly Kelly.

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