Intercontinental open challenge Jamie vs Victoria

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DANBURY, CT - JUNE 11: Victoria Justice Celebrates Primarks Third US Store Opening In Danbury, CT on June 11, 2016 (Photo by Thos Robinson/Getty Images for Primark)


Ding ding. Intercontinental championship on the line as Jamie defend s her title vs Victoria. The action begins with Jamie whipping Victoria into the ropes dang what a drop kick by Jamie knocking Victoria to her back. Jamie picks up Victoria goes for a ddt no Victoria hits a northern lights SUPLEX 1. Jamie powers out. Jamie gets to her kick get kicked  in the face by Victoria no Jamie catches her and hits a gorgeous step over enzuigiri. Victoria falls flat on her face. Jamie pats Victoria on the booty and says between the two of us I have always been the star with the best body. Your little butt isn’t nothing compared to my people’s booty. As Jamie rolls Victoria over and bounces off the ropes kip up by Victoria grabs Jamie and bam rock bottom planted Jamie. Victoria picks up Jamie and says I am the star you are nothing anymore your just famous because of your over hyped sister. It’s time a real woman held the intercontinental championship. Victoria has Jamie up torture rack and Jamie kicks off the top rope lands on her feet CLOTHESLINE from hell knocked Victoria out. Jamie then hits the people’s booty to a loud roar 1..2..3.. Jamie rubs her butt on Victoria face before holding up her intercontinental championship. Jamie s butt is finishing everyone. 



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