Anna vs Kelly

creation_848creation_682vs.  sd_627_photo_079b0vzcyxceaayzv8

Ding ding. Anna walks up to Kelly and kisses her on the lips. Kelly pushes her away. Anna laughing as Kelly charges her CLOTHESLINE no Anna ducks it. Kelly bounces off the ropes comes back at Anna head scissors take over. Anna rolls to the corner bam RUNNING stink face by kelly. Rubs her butt all over Anna s face. Kelly finally gets off of Anna. Who throws up in the ring. She tries to get up but bang k2 connects. Anna goes face first into her own vomit. Kelly puts her foot on Anna s womanhood as the ref counts to 1..2..3.. Anna just got creamed by Kelly tonight. Kelly celebrates over a crying Anna. The double champion goes down hard in this one. Congrats to Kelly on her huge win. 


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