Anna vs selena best curves championship match


Anna grabs a microphone and says who is selena to get a shot at my best curves championship. She isn’t even in my league. Just a once popular teen star trying to hang on to fame she once had. I am not giving her a title shot tonight. Out comes selena. She says that’s fine Anna no title match. But if I’m not in your league you shouldn’t be afraid of me in a NON TITLE. If you have any guts champ. Anna says get your little@$$ in this ring so I can kick your butt all the way back to Disney channel b****. Selena smile s and the ref rings the bell. Anna motions just bring to selena. Selena charges Anna. Anna picks up selena spine BUSTER drives selena into the mat. Anna bounces off the ropes huge splash but selena gets her knees up. Selena kips up. Anna gets up holding her ribs. Selena code BREAKER to Anna beautiful face. Oh man Anna nose is not only bleeding but her nose is crooked. Anna saying she can’t breath. Selena super kick nose back straight knocking Anna out. Selena screaming over Anna not in your league please you suck that’s how you got these three championship. Because you are a no talent bum. Selena picks up Anna s legs kicks her 5 times below the belt. Anna pants get darker in the front. Selena says looks like your the little girl. You still should be in diapers. As selena spreads apart Anna s chest with both hands and an ad licks Anna s gap all the way up to Anna s lips and kisses her as the ref counts 1..2..3.. selena wins as her tongue goes down Anna s throat. Selena gets up and says that championship is mine next time you overrated chick. You aren’t even a good kisser. 



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