Anna vs Jamie championship championship match…

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Championship of all championship s on the line. As Jamie faces Anna. Ding ding. Jamie comes out with a German SUPLEX. Anna gets up quickly but is hit with a belly to belly by Jamie. Anna gets up quickly again. Oh my goodness code BREAKER by Jamie. Jamie stands over Anna. Who looks to be out of it. As Jamie goes to the top rope. She jumps off shooting star press connects. Jamie just crashed Anna s chest. Jamie beautiful smile lights up the whole arena. Jamie stalking Anna waiting on her to get up CLOTHESLINE from hell connects. Anna has been destroyed. Jamie drags Anna to the corner. Jamie takes her pants off revealing her gorgeous red thong. She then gives Anna the stink face of all stink face s. Jamie gets off of Anna. Drags her to the middle of the ring here it is everyone the people’s booty and bang it connects. Jamie sits on Anna s face. 1..2.. Jamie jumps off of Anna. Yelling stop. Anna tongue is up in the air. She just stick her tongue up Jamie s womanhood. Anna kips UP licking her lips. Yelling you are so sweet she screamed at Jamie. Jamie with a rear view to Anna and she hits it. She sits on Anna s face 1..2.. Anna flips over and controls Jamie s body. Now Anna rips Jamie s thong off. Licks Jamie every inch of Jamie s naked butt. Jamie begins to shake. Her nipples get hard as they pop through her shirt. Then Anna goes in deep in Jamie’s womanhood with her tongue. Jamie soaked in sweat. Jamie starts to go up and down on Anna s tongue. Until she releases her love juices and what a loud pop as ANNA pulls her tongue out of Jamie s womanhood. Jamie s body goes limp and Anna pins her 1..2..3..  Anna just became a Triple crown champion. She celebrates with all three championship s starting over a very game Jamie. She just fell short to the best right now Anna. 


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