Thea vs Robbie knock out championship match


Knock out championship on the line. Ding ding. Thea and Robbie square off. Bang a huge FOREARM from Robbie to Thea s face. Thea goes down. Robbie pins Thea 1..2..3.. NO Thea s foot is on the rope. Robbie is celebrating with a beautiful smile on her face. She think she has won. Thea slowly getting up behind Robbie and hits a reverse ddt on Robbie. Thea quickly climbs to the top rope beautiful moonsault hits it 1..2.. kick out by Robbie. Thea looking stunned. Robbie kicked out of her finisher. Thea now pulls up Robbie and SCREAMS good night sweet cheeks. Bam a knock out FOREARM to Thea s beautiful face. Robbie yells to the ref count her out. 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9..10.. Robbie wins the knock out championship by legitimately knocking Thea with two huge FOREARM smashes. Robbie is your first ever KNOCK out champion congratulations to this South Carolina beauty. 


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