Kelly vs EVE divas championship match

kpjsj5908728_orig-1vseve-shaking-booty eve_torres_mmbdlc_al7w76z-sized

Divas championship on the line as Kelly and EVE square off ding ding. Match Starts with a lock up. Eve gains control hits a nice side SLAM. Kelly gets up as EVE bounces off the ropes flying cross body takes down Kelly Kelly again. Right into a pin 1.. Kelly kicks out. Eve picks up Kelly. Kelly slaps EVE across the butt. Eve stops in her tracks. Kelly kicks EVE low and a K2 no EVE lifts up Kelly power bomb no COUNTERED again by Kelly hurricanrana into a pin 1..2.. Eve kicks out. Eve kips up. Ducks a CLOTHESLINE by Kelly. Kelly bounces off the ropes power SLAM connects by EVE. Eve now does her booty pop just about to go for her standing moonsault but Kelly grabs EVE s womanhood and gets to her feet squeezing harder and harder. Kelly kisses EVE and EVE legs giving way. Down she goes to the mat Kelly tightens up her grasp even more. Eve moans in hurt over and over again. Tap s out and passes out. Kelly Kelly laughing as she holds up her freshly won divas championship over her former best friend EVE. Now gives EVE a little tap on the booty. Kelly says sorry babe you do have a great booty but that’s all you are. I’m the total package your new divas CHAMPION. 


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