Caitlin vs Anna best curves championship match

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Ding ding. Caitlin and Anna square off for the best curves championship. Anna is already your women’s champion. Anna goes for right hand but Caitlin ducks it and hits a knee lift to Anna s gut. Doubled over Anna. Caitlin comes off the ropes running sunset FLIP POWER BOMB connects. Into a pin. 1..2.. Anna kicks out. Caitlin lifts up Anna up by her blonde locks. Wraps it around her hand and says your beautiful but not in my league. Your blonde hair will be gone after this match along with my best curves championship. Anna head butts Caitlin staggers but still has a hold of Anna s hair. Until Anna kicks Caitlin in the face. Caitlin falls against the ropes. Anna charges her Caitlin drop toe hold by Caitlin Anna goes throat first across the MIDDLE ROPE. Anna hung up on the middle ROPE. Caitlin lifts ANNA legs up and bang kick s Anna low. Caitlin drags Anna to the middle of the ring. Caitlin lift up Anna on her shoulders death valley driver no Anna flips over to her feet. Back stabber by ANNA into a crippler cross face. Caitlin to close to the ropes. Anna breaks the hold at a count 3. Anna drags Caitlin to the middle of the ring. Anna goes to the top rope. Caitlin gets up runs up the ropes and hits a huge belly to belly off the top rope. Caitlin climbs up to the top rope. Diving head butt by Caitlin oh my goodness rko by ANNA. Anna rolls Caitlin over and pins her 1..2..3.. Anna is your first ever best curves champion and your first ever women’s champion. Anna sticks a flag in Caitlin s mouth it says 2-0. Anna just beat your a$$. 


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