Anna vs Victoria women’s championship match


DANBURY, CT - JUNE 11: Victoria Justice Celebrates Primarks Third US Store Opening In Danbury, CT on June 11, 2016 (Photo by Thos Robinson/Getty Images for Primark)

Ding ding the women’s championship is on the line. Victoria and Anna locks up. Victoria goes behind Anna German SUPLEX no blocked by ANNA. Anna with a pele KICK OUT to the back of Victoria s head. Victoria goes face first to the canvas. Anna bounces off the ropes rolling thunder to the back of Victoria. Anna picks up Victoria puts her on the top rope and goes up with her. But Victoria so quick sunset FLIP POWER BOMB connects. Anna head bounces off the mat. Victoria pins Anna 1..2 KICK out by ANNA. Victoria telling Anna to get up and she does spear no Anna side steps it and Victoria stops before hitting the ring post. Victoria turns around bam super kick to her beautiful face. Victoria Crashes to the mat. Anna pins Victoria 1..2. Victoria kick s out. Anna picks up Victoria puts her on her shoulders and f5 no what a counter by Victoria in to and rko out of no where. Victoria rolls Anna over 1..2..Anna s foot is on the rope. Victoria QUICKLY DRAGS Anna to the middle of the ring pins her 1..2.. Anna kicks out. Victoria goes to the top rope Anna gets to her feet Victoria with a double axe handle no Anna catches her on her shoulders f5. Anna rolls Victoria over hooks the leg 1..2.. Victoria kicks out kicks out unbelievable. Anna waste no time has Victoria in position for a second f5 and hits it. Anna pulls Victoria up by her sexy brown hair and SCREAMS I’m the best as she hits a third f5 on Victoria. Anna pins Victoria 1..2..3.. Anna WINS and is your first women’s champion. She celebrates by going out side the ring gets a flag from under the ring and it says 1-0. She puts it in Victoria s mouth as a token to remember this night. Anna holds the championship up high as the show ends.



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